Mick’s Equipment

Tc electronics 2290 delay,
Tc electronics x11 phaser,
Korg sdd3000 delay,
Korg A3 multi effects,
Eventide eclipse muliti effects harmanizer,
Eventide h3000 harmanizer and shimmer,
Axess electronix fx1 and expander midi floorboard,
Soundsculpture switchblade GL switching loop system,
Pro co Rat,
Boss cs2 compressor,
Boss sd1 overdrive,
Ts9 tubescreamer,
Big muff,
Line6 dm4,
Morley wah,
Boss Tu2 tuner,
Ernie ball expression vp jr,
Custom made kay fuzztone clone for elevation,
Digitech whammy1 WH1,
Two Boss fs_5L latching pedals,
amp Vox ac30,
amp Fender bassman 59.


fender strat,
fender tele,
Gibson explorer,
Epi les paul custom,
Akg guitar wireless system,

Other Equipment

Voodoo labs pedal power,
Herdim plectrums,
Ernie ball strings,
All cables and midi interfaces made by Paul McGlue of PGSL,
All cases made by Dublin flight company same as u2.

Mick (The Edge)

When did you first start playing guitar?

I first picked up the guitar in 1980 with ‘The Tomahawks’. I also played in an early version of ‘Kick to the Heart’ in 1984. (During one of our rehearsals in Litton Lane Studios, I was told to “turn it down” as Christy Moore was rehearsing next door & couldn’t hear himself sing!) From there I formed ‘Creeping Jesus’ and we regularly gigged at the ‘Rock Garden’ in Dublin, and then ‘The Marigolds’ were born. We produced 2 albums, and toured extensively throughout Europe & the US. The first album was the number one selling indie album in Ireland in 1996. I subsequently joined ‘Taboo’ & from there, ‘Zoo Station’ and there the joshua tree naturally evolved.

What has been your career high to date?

So many!! Supporting ‘Tears for Fears’ at the Point Depot, Touring throughout Russia & the US with ‘The Marigolds’ was a very special time. The formation of ‘The Joshua Tree’ has also been a career high for me.

What has been your most embarrassing moment as a musician?

During rehearsals with ‘Kick to the Heart’ in the old Temple Lane Studios, I got an electric shock that flung me across the room…the rest of the band were in stitches…. (I still have nightmares!)

When was your first live U2 experience?

I first saw U2 in the Phoenix Park, Dublin in 1983; they were supported by ‘The Eurhythmics’, ‘Simple Minds’ & ‘Big Country’.

What is your current favorite U2 song & album?

‘One Tree Hill’ & ‘Achtung Baby’.

Have you ever met U2?

Yes, I first met Larry in Howth in 1985. (I was a tiler working on the toilets on the beach). I was enjoying my morning tea when Larry walked up & said ‘hello’…we chatted for 10 minutes, & then unfortunately I had to get back to work! I also worked for Bono in his hotel, ‘The Clarence’. I worked in the kitchen & met Bono and the Edge there many times.