Stephen (Larry Mullen)

When did you first start playing drums?

I started playing drums in 1984 with my first band ‘Winterland’. Our first gig was in the ‘Underground’ on Dame Street, in Dublin – we also played many venues all around Dublin during that time. I played support to ‘Aslan’ at the ‘Baggot Inn’, and was with various bands until I joined ‘The Marigolds’ in 1998. I have also played in pipe bands, until finally joining ‘Zoo Station’then the Joshua tree.

What has been your career high to date?

Winning the All-Ireland Pipe Band Championship with O’Tooles in Clondalkin, Dublin 2003.

What has been your most embarrassing moment as a musician?

At the above gig when my kilt blew up in the wind!

When was your first live U2 experience?

I first saw U2 in the Phoenix Park in 1983.

What is your current favorite U2 song & album?

‘All I want is You’ & ‘Achtung Baby’.

Have you ever met U2?

Not yet, but I live in hope.